Our Mission at Marketplace Mission is to equip young, Christian leaders. 


What We plan to roll out


Perhaps the biggest and most important aspect of our mission is the community that we want to create. For those called into vocational ministry, the church comes along side of them and walks with them in their careers. Those of us who go into the marketplace are met with, “No hard feelings.” 

And there’s nothing wrong with that- the church needs to focus on those going into vocational ministry, and it’s a tall order to do so. At the same time, we recognized the harvest in the marketplace was fruitful, but the workers in the field were left without any real guidance. That’s we were want to be, right there in the harvest with each other as we live out our faith in the workplace.

Start-Up ATtitude

We embrace the fact that we are a small team. We actually believe it’s works to our benefit in reaching the most amount of people. By keeping it lean, our team members are asked to wear a few hats, but it’s all tied together through a unifying mission of spreading the message of what it means to live in Him.

Along with this small team is a foundational belief that we should “Always Be Learning.” We are never satisfied with our message, product, or results. ABL: shows up in our student attitude towards our mission and our continued consumption of the Word. 

Multiple Locations

Right now, we are limited to our own geographical area of greater Akron, but that’s not where we want to stay. Our vision is that we will be in multiple locations, serving multiple communities by the end of 2021. 

We’re excited, and we see where we want to go, but patience has always been a vital part of success. So for now, we are beta-testing in the Akron area, specifically at our own church to iron out the details, split test what works, and ultimately provide the best possible experience for churches, communities, other young leaders in our future. 

Beta Group - Akron

Community is our primary goal. Above all, we want to equip those called into the marketplace in a group setting. We believe this is the path to the greatest level of understanding and impact. 

While this approach is effective, we know it isn’t the most efficient. But in order to produce real results and compounding impact, we are only focusing on our local community here in the greater Akron area. 

We’re excited for what we’ll do together, but we need to dot our i’s first. To stay in touch during this Beta process, sign up for our newsletter (down in the footer). 

We noticed a gap, a sizable one, between the thoughts, desires, and actions of marketplace Christians. Our mission is to close that gap and help them with whatever battle they are facing.
Vinnie Fisher
CEO, Entrepreneur

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