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Equipping Today’s Young Christian Leaders For Tomorrow’s Opportunities

What we noticed

The majority of christians don’t go into vocational ministry, but most of the professional resources in the church are designed for this small minority; the literal 1% of the church gets 90% of the resources. There are life groups and classes for the non-church worker, but nothing specifically designed around the challenge of being a Christ-follower in the secular marketplace… which is exactly what most people become.

What we Found

There’s nothing wrong with the church focusing on building up leaders within the church, it’s 100% necessary. But for the 18-24 year old, they were met with a “no hard feelings” attitude when they chose a secular career path. Beyond a college ministry group, some classes, and weekend services, there wasn’t anything that specifically targeted the struggles of becoming a marketplace Christian.

What we envision

Our goal is to produce a motivated workforce that knows why they are in their position. We want to build a program that equips the young leader for the everyday opportunities presented to them in work. And we want our program to be a hands-on difference maker. Not a 2 or 4 week class that offers surface level information, but a 6-9 month transformation that produces a change of heart and perspective about the entire category of work.

OUr Solution: The I.w.P. Framework

1. Building your relationship with Christ

2. Living out
your faith
in Christ

3. Knowing your true position in Christ

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