what it means to live out your Identity

What Actually is Worship?

It’s not guitar strumming and palm raising. We do those in worship, but it’s not worship in itself. 

Worship is deciding what is most important in life. 

When something drives your life, you worship it. Money, career, and status are the old idols of fame, but we also fail to realize that we also worship things such as family, a marriage, even church, and it results in idolatry. 

That’s why our program is built from Identity. Living out your identity is what we do as people; living out our identity in Christ is what we do as Christians. What you place your identity in becomes what you worship and as Christians, it has to be Christ. 

The real Reason we worship

It’s not to gain favor. It’s not an obligation. It’s an extension of our true desires in our heart. True Worship that isn’t a change of behavior, it’s a change of heart. 

When we (re)learn our Identity in Him, our actions become Worship because our hearts have been changed. 

This change of heart is irreplaceable. It cannot be replicated by repeated patterns. It has to be authentic, and it’s completely necessary for a sustainable life in Him. 

We can know what we are suppose to do and how we are suppose to behave, but without our hearts behind the change Worship becomes work. 

Personal vs. Performance

True Worship isn’t a measurement, it’s an expression. It is a response to His love for us and shouldn’t be measured as a task or to-do list. When coming from a changed heart, Worship becomes natural and unforced. Now, that doesn’t mean there’s zero discipline involved, but when our hearts are in it Worship goes from diligence to delight. 

Performance Worship naturally has its ups and downs. Personal Worship, they kind that comes from truly knowing Him and what He’s done, is a overflowing of our gratitude. When we go from performance worship to personal worship, our mindset goes from checking a box to knowing that box is already checked. 


The Program

Worship, like many other words, has been hijacked. It’s not just singing or checking off a to-do list, it’s your natural response that comes from truly knowing Him.

Vinnie Fisher
CEO, Entrepreneur

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