Your “why” as a Christ-follower


With a rock-solid foundation in Him, we are granted a perspective of contentment. Not mediocrity or boredom, because as Christ-followers we approach each day with an eternal perspective. We (should) know that God provides for us and that our jobs and salaries don’t define us. 

We become On Mission when our Purpose is at mind, our Identity is rooted at heart, and we are actively living them out in Worship.

And when we become On Mission, we realize it’s a 24/7 gig. There’s no specific time or place to be a follower of Christ. This includes, especially includes, our jobs. 


Seasons of life determine where we work, our sphere of influence, and our priorities. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to this part of life and we know that. Understanding your position in life is fundamental to the greater mission of being a Christ-follower, so we split this part of the program into Workers and Leaders. 

Workers need to be remind who their true boss it, what it means to be “in the harvest”, and have an attitude about work that makes them the best workers possible. 

Leaders need to approach their workers with compassion and purpose, knowing that the words they speak and the actions they preform have a great influence. 

Both of these positions are important and we felt we needed to make that distinction in our program.

Provision vs Passion

Most people buy into the belief that our jobs need to be the perfect alignment of who we are, what we are interested, and what we are good at. While there is some alignment that we should strive for, we have completely replaced a worker’s attitude with concerns about passions, automation, and efficiency. 

We no longer view our jobs as just jobs, we look to them to provide us Identity. (Which, again, ties back into the first part of our program.) The truth is that jobs and career are an act of provision from God, not where we should find our identity. 

Looking for passion and identity in our jobs leads to a cycle of highs and lows that is in tandem with our job performance. Identity and passion in Christ leads to contentment at all times. 

The Worker Program

The Leader Program

When our Identity is in Christ and our days are filled with Worship, we finally start to understand our true Purpose.

Vinnie Fisher
CEO, Entrepreneur

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