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6-9 Month transformation

This is a process, and processes take time. But the end result is a lifelong understanding of Identity, Worship, and Purpose. 

We know that most programs, including those that within the church, are at most a 3 month process. And we know how big of a commitment 6 months sounds. But we also know how big of an impact we will have if you dedicate these 6 months to really rewiring how you approach your work. Because, at our core, that’s what we are doing: rewiring. For 18-24 year old, there’s at a minimum, four years (high school) of outward lies about what it means to work, what it means to be successful, how to get there, etc. There’s so much we have to tear down and rebuild. 

But we wouldn’t have it any other way. 


Basis of Curriculum

At it’s core, our programs center around two things: your community and our curriculum. The community aspect of our program is cultivated within churches (look to the right) and is led by our appointed MM Mentors. The other pillar of our program is the curriculum: our IWP framework in action. Each part of the curriculum builds on the previous steps taken and leads you to a greater understanding of mission, purpose, position, calling, and identity. Learned in the best way: at the pace of the individual. 

But the curriculum itself leans on the community that we/you build around it. Much of curriculum is learned at the individual level, but it’s put into practice when shared with the community. Our trusted MM Mentors (name still in beta) will worry about individual to community transition, but we want to be transparent about how important each component is. 

We can’t wait for the real change and progress we see come out of our programs and your churches. 


Within the Church

Our mission is motivate those who already accepted Christ, but have trouble actually applying it to real life situations and decisions. We got to thinking, “When do we really start to make life-impacting decision?” Our answer was 18-24… and now you know how we found our target demographic. 

The greatest opportunity to equip young Christian leaders happens at this age. And we want to make sure they are making decisions with the right things in mind and at heart. What we focus on is how someone this age views work, how they are making career choices, and what it means for a Believer to be “In the Harvest.” 

The enigma of letting 18 year old kids decide what they want to do in life before they really know what life is didn’t sit well with us. Add in the fact that we couldn’t find any resources for the 18-24 Christ-follower who is apart of the 99% of people who don’t go into vocational ministry, and we knew we had to do something. 

The Core Principles

Identity, Worship, and Purpose. Building out these foundational values will lead to a greater understanding of life, work, and what they mean for the marketplace Christian. 

Always on Mission is the application of these three principles. It’s a reminder that being a Christian is a 24/7 gig that influences everything that we do, including and especially work.

Identity is the foundation of the entire program. We have to first remember who we are in Christ, and that here isn’t a plus or a minus to be given when it comes to our identity in Him. We have to remember that everything we do in life stems from who were are in Him. And we have to remember where we get all of this information from. This is the education section of the program where we teach/remind you what “this” is all about. This might sound like a “back to basics” for people already in the church, but it’s the most important part of the program (and of life). And we do go back to basics, but it all about what you build your house on. 

Worship is the living out of your Identity. And no, it’s not limited to singing out praises and raising your palms in recognition of His power. While those are parts of Worship and we encourage them, we mean Worship in a much larger sense. We mean Worship as in what comes first in your life? What idols are you following? What are you putting above God? Most church-goers scoff at these questions in disgust, only to feel attacked later when we start pointing out what this actually looks like in everyday life. This is a hard, direct portion of the program where we start to dive into your daily habits and really dissect what is going on in your life, and your work. This is the equipping section where we give you the tools and resources to live out your faith.

Purpose is the combination of both Identity and Worship. This is where we dive into the things that people really want to talk about as a Marketplace Christian. Am I in the right position? What are my spiritual gifts? Am I putting them to good use? This is the employ section where we send you out into the world to make use of your Identity in Christ, by Worshipping Him daily and demonstrating your true Purpose. The most important thing in this section is asking the right questions. What vs Why: “What does He want me to do here?” vs “Why am I here?” Asking “What” questions, puts us into a missional mindset. Asking “Why” leads us down a never ending path of trying to answer that question, when we already know our Why is Him.

Our goal at MM is to provide you a process and a community; a framework on how to build, live, and work in Him and people to do it with.

Vinnie Fisher
CEO, Entrepreneur

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