Why did we Create Marketplace Mission?

The 99%

We recognize the paradox that most Christians aren’t called into doing “God’s work” in vocational ministry (more on that myth later, but stick with us). The reality is that most of God’s children are placed into the marketplace, but this is by design. 

The 99% that go into the marketplace have the most potential in advancing the kingdom, but they are often times left without education and training on how to live out their faith in the marketplace. 

That’s why we created Marketplace Mission: to equip marketplace Christians where they are and activate the majority. 

A Forgotten Majority

We noticed there were tons of church-offered and Christ-centered resources for those being called into vocational ministry, but everyone else was left to figure it out in their professional roles.

And don’t hear us saying that we don’t need vocational pastors- we do, and we want to do our part in equipping the Church. Working with the church to groom, refine, and ultimately add to those called into ministry is a goal of ours. But our primary focus is equipping those called outside of the church so that they may also have a Kingdom advancing mindset in their work. 

Unlocking Potential

Equipping marketplace Christians will set off an amazing, compounding reaction in the effort to advance the Kingdom.

Activate the 99% is something of a motto here at MM. The potential of the majority is understood, 

Our goal is to motivate the 99 through a deepen of one’s own relationship with Christ. Our belief is that once someone builds their true Identity in Christ, lives it out in Worship, and understands their real Purpose, it will show up in hard work, infectious faith, and a deep resolve to share the Good News. 

What do we mean by "Young Christian Leader"?

Short answer: 18-24, self-identifying Christians. 

We want to equip people before they enter the marketplace so that they can have the greatest impact for the Kingdom and a thorough understanding of where they are in life. The seeds of adult life are sown at this age, and we want to do our part in making sure they are Godly seeds falling onto good soil. 

“Leaders” can be anyone, regardless of position. Titles and salary do not dictate whether or not you are a leader, your attitude, mission, and actions do. Christians leaders in the marketplace face trials and temptations everyday, and we want to equip them for the battle they are fighting. 

What exactly are "Tomorrow's Opportunities"?

Tomorrow’s opportunities are any of the challenges the young Christian leader will face- and we mean “challenges” in a good way. Challenges such as managing conflict at work, inviting a coworker to church, or believing our jobs are our identity. 

We want our leaders to see themselves as workers in the harvest; tomorrow will worry about itself, but our mission is to prepare our fields.


The church, rightly so, seeks to equip those called into vocational ministry. We asked, "What about the other 99%?"
Vinnie Fisher
CEO, Entrepreneur

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