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So we are just getting our feet wet in this whole “community-leader-mentor-training-and-equipping company” thing. And for the sake of our egos and your time, we are limiting participates to our beta groups ONLY. That way we can fail with people who know us instead of complete strangers…. which sounds bad when we put it like that. 

Regardless, we’re still excited about what we’re doing and what we will do. But right now we have to take some baby steps. It’s not you, it’s us. So be patient, stay up to date with us through our newsletter (see bottom of page) and we’ll let you know when we are ready. 

Hershey, Pa

The best way to build up your own faith is with other people seeking the same goal as you.
Vinnie Fisher
CEO, Entrepreneur

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Skim Milk or Solid Food? Don’t Give Them the Answer Until They Ask the Question

In my Tuesday morning bible study, our usual pastor/teacher/friend couldn’t make it, so “Tyler” had to step in. (Tyler isn’t his real name but in this article it is.) We love Tyler. His smile is infectious and his unassuming yet cheerful attitude floods the room.  But Tyler has a bit of a context problem.  Our bible study is Gospel-focused, where we chronologically go through the Gospels. Tyler came in and wanted to switch it up a bit.  The change wasn’t the problem, it was that Tyler did not know his audience.  Tyler went to bible college and earned a degree

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The Passion Pandemic: Are False Passions More Dangerous than COVID-19?

Statistically, no. But spiritually, yes. We fall into the trap that passion is something that comes from the external. We are taught that there is some holy grail that gives us complete fulfillment, whether this comes in the form of a job, a hobby, or another person. The truth is that passion comes from the internal. Things don’t bring us passion, we bring passion to things. Think of that janitor that is all too happy to be mopping floors, never caught without a smile or without positivity. Do we think that he derives joy and meaning from a custodial job?

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