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Idolatry vs Identity

Anything else that we put above Christ is an idol. 

When most people hear the word “idol” they think of a celebrity worship or a voodoo doll or American Idol. They don’t realize that an idol is anything that we put above God, which sounds very Old Testament so let’s put it this way: an idol is something that you deem necessary for life other than God.

That includes money, your job, a house, your family, mom, dad, son, daughter, spouse, anything you think you can’t live without is an idol.

This is where our program starts because we have been programmed to think “things” are necessary for life, and as long as that line of thinking exists, you will have an idolatry solution to an identity problem.

The Cure...

Is Christ. 

Identity in who we are in Him is the only way to be delivered from the cycles of highs and lows found in idolatry. Wanting to do your job well is one thing, placing your entire identity in it is another. One glorifies God, the other rejects Him. 

In this part of the program we go back to basics. We save the workplace Christian conflict-management tool and spiritual gift finder for later. To start, we have to make sure we are all on the same page when it comes to what team we are on AND what it means to be on this team. 

But it’s also our mission to make sure you don’t tune out because you’re hearing the same spiritual mumbo-jumbo you’ve always heard. The cure is Christ, but you’ve heard that before. Marketplace Mission’s goal is to show what it actually means for the marketplace Christian to follow Christ, and to do that, we have to go all the way back to the cornerstone of our faith.


Where are the answers?

If you identify as a Christian, most of the things discussed in this section are going to look familiar. And that’s because we are simply retelling the greatest story ever told: the gospel. 

The story of Jesus is where everything we do as Christians starts. From how we work to how we treat those in our lives and everything in between, it all goes back to the fundamental, soul-freeing truth that He died for us. 

Let’s say that again: He died for us. 

We understand that you’ve heard this before, but we also know there’s a big difference between hearing and listening.

And that’s where our program starts: The Great Exchange. What really happened when Jesus laid down his life for us? What we are supposed to do about it? And what does it mean for the marketplace Christian living in the 21st century?

Our Identity isn't our career, but it does determine what we do with our career.
Vinnie Fisher
CEO, Entrepreneur

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